Cannabis tinctures are liquid cannabis extracts that are full of cannabinoids and terpenes. Tinctures are made by soaking cannabis flower in either glycerin or alcohol. The liquid is typically then strained and put into a glass bottle with a dropper attached for convenient dosing purposes. Most of the time, tinctures are used sublingually. They are easy to dose, since you can use a drop-by-drop method under your tongue until you begin to feel the desired effects.

Tinctures from Culture Cannabis Club

Cannabis tinctures are discreet, and they generally act very quickly, since they contain a high concentration of cannabinoids. With a wide range of potencies and profiles available, tinctures are also among the most versatile cannabis products. Here at Culture Cannabis Club, you can find tinctures with more THC or more CBD, according to your preferences. We also offer full spectrum tinctures, which contain all of the cannabinoids from the flower.

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If you want all of the benefits of cannabis but you would prefer not to smoke or consume extra calories through edibles, cannabis tinctures are a great option for you. They are great for both new and seasoned cannabis users. Talk to a team member at Culture Cannabis Club to find out more about all of the tincture options that we have available and try out a new cannabis tincture today.

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