A place to come together, as a community. To share the common love of a healing plant. People of all different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds circle around the magnet that is CULTURE.

The center force for everyone, with open arms of zero judgment or expectations. From there..




To be the best cannabis experience of your lifetime.


Our story begins with the collective consciousness of a team dedicated to reshaping how our society views and consumes cannabis. For us, it was about re-creating the culture to help break the stigma surrounding our beloved plant, to create a safe passage to explore one’s true self and healing.

This journey isn’t about our beautiful stores, our incredible team of brave misfits, or the relationships we’ve cultivated with our brand partners… It’s about honoring that space in every heart that longs to feel a part of something. Our intention was to create community; today, with multiple stores, cultivation, and hundreds of employees, we’re proud to be a part of the change and know we did it with the community we set out to serve.

With Love & Gratitude,
Team Culture

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