Medical cannabis is cannabis that is used to treat some type of medical condition. While technically, there is no difference between the cannabis plants that are used to make medical cannabis products and the cannabis plants that are used to make recreational cannabis products, the two are still classified differently. The difference in classification is due to legal ramifications and tax purposes. While medical cannabis products require a doctor’s prescription in order to purchase them, recreational cannabis is available in all states where it is legal to anyone who is 21 years of age or older.


For hundreds of years, people have turned to the cannabis plant for remedies of all kinds. Cannabis has been used throughout history to treat various diseases and to provide relief from all kinds of symptoms. The medical cannabis that we offer here at Culture Cannabis Club in Jurupa offers the same benefits. Today’s medical cannabis products are made from the same plants that are used to make recreational cannabis.

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The only difference between recreational and medical cannabis is the fact that medical cannabis is prescribed by a doctor for medical purposes. For tax reasons and legal purposes, medical and recreational cannabis are classified differently. With a medical prescription, you are allowed to possess larger quantities of cannabis than you otherwise would be. When you are looking for a friendly cannabis community and high-quality medical cannabis products, look no further than Culture Cannabis Club.

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Here at Culture Cannabis Club, we believe in the community that we have created and the bridges that are naturally formed between people, cannabis, and the area that we serve. For centuries, cannabis has been bringing people together. Come to Culture Cannabis Club in Jurupa for the best cannabis experience of your lifetime, and explore the best paths toward healing with our great selection of medical cannabis products.

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